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How I Get Paid

I believe what I do for my clients has value, and they pay me for this value. My clients pay me fees based on the size of their assets and, generally speaking, these fees are deducted automatically from their accounts on a quarterly basis. Occasionally I will recommend a product that pays me a commission. If you are interested I will tell you what the compensation is. I will always disclose all costs associated with any recommended process or product.

I do not get paid based on performance of investments. I get paid for establishing processes and providing service to my clients. (See Gold Medal Services tab for details on these services).

Lastly, I simply ask that if we do the job represented, that you do not keep us a secret. Referrals to good, nice folks who have a financial need just like you are very much appreciated.

Our Other Professional Resources

Because your financial situation is often complex, I typically work directly with other professionals to design and implement the strategies that will help you to achieve your goals. I rely on a network of professionals who provide technical advice as required. I do not receive any form of compensation for my referrals of you to these professionals.